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The Eise-based planetarium shown here is the DMO. DMO stands for DeMoor Orrery. Orrery is the English word for planetarium and the constructor in question is a bit vain.

The DMO shows the planets, the zodiac signs, the months and the days of the year.

After a date has been entered, the planets will move to the correct position.

The DMO shown here is 2.20 x 2.20 meters and is photographed from below.


From another planet

Eise's performance is from another planet. Remember that at that time there was no hardware store where you could get your stuff quickly and cheap, there were no mail-order companies for your parts. You even had to mix your paint manually and the astronomical calculations were done with pen and paper in the evening by candlelight, as there was no electricity yet. The amount of work was immense.

An example: Eise's orrery contains around 6,000 nails that first had to be forged ....

In the past

Eise's orrery is powered by tail clocks, with a self-engineered mechanism the movement of the clock is converted into the movement of the planets.

Mechaniek Eise Eisinga

DMO inner solar system


The DMO is powered by stepper motors and processors. Each planet has its own processor and is connected to a website via WiFi where the desired date can be entered.